Fried Egg Golf is a media outlet specializing in the architecture and beauty of golf courses and coverage of the competitive side of the sport. They were unhappy with their brand and were looking for something new that was going to heavily differentiate them from the other players in the segment and represent the unique voice they have in the sport.

We developed a new identity system to capture their character and give them the presence to anchor new ideas, larger projects, and position themselves more confidently amongst the large industry players.

Brand Design Lead
Brand Design Lead
Fried Egg Golf
Andy Johnson Kaley Johnson Brendan Porath Peter Steger Cameron Hurdus

Andrew Furth, Strategy
Cameron Hurdus, Photography

Grey by Lineto Stanley by Optima


Coming from the term for a ball embedded in the sand of a bunker, the name Fried Egg Golf was originally chosen to represent the slightly off, self deprecating character of the their writing. Looking to the term, we used the organic forms seen in aerial views of bunkers to create an organic, slightly off mark.
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A huge part of what makes Fried Egg content special is the stunning course photography by Cameron Hurdus that is all over their articles, social media, and store.

When viewing social posts in aggregate, the original system made it hard to differentiate what type of media was being referenced-podcast, video, interview, article, etc. We created a system based on the shapes used by golfers to mark score cards. The system functions like stickers, providing for simple layouts while leaving the emphasis on the images.


The color palette was kept simple to put a lot of emphasis on the core brand color, YOLK.
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The typeface Grey by Lineto was chosen as the headline font for its easy readability and the quirky curvature of its letterforms, referencing the wordmark.
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