A fast growing builder came looking for a new identity, they were starting to run in to challenges brought on by trying to grow in a professional manner without a visual system in place.

Through research and exploration we found a new persona in a refined, hard edged, system-driven solution that gave them the presence to go after larger projects, against established industry players.

Creative Director
Creative Director
Popularis Construction
Brady Bankston Mirella Bankston
Riforma by Lineto
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The brand mark was designed to capture the precision of their craft and their forward looking approach to construction technology and processes. Paired with a simple system that gave them a framework to expand into new areas of expertise and adapt to their growing business.



Type was selected to pair with the angularity and geometric cleanliness of the mark
Finally, comprehensive guidelines were created to give them the definition and system that was necessary to rigidly curate and manage all future brand expression.
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