In preparation for the launch of iO, Proactiv’s newest line, we were engaged to devise a new packaging system that modernized the brand, brought a more cohesive look to the range of products while also making it simpler to launch new products into existing lines.

A wide ranging exploration had us settle on a direction that evolved their existing look rather than be a complete departure. As part of the exploration we concluded the wordmark needed to be modernized as part of the new naming system.

An extensive package design guideline was created allowing their internal design team to produce accurate and print ready art.


Matt Steenburg, HUGE
Jennifer Chatlani, HUGE

GT Walsheim by Grilli Type Customer Numerals by Ricky Bloxsom
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The Wordmark

The wordmark was refined and modernized making for a more elegant form and to have stronger similarities with the new brand typeface GT Walsheim.
The product naming convention simply locked the product name next to the brand wordmark. This simple lockup was the structural backbone of the packaging system.

The Vibe

A unique photography style was specified for product renders using a “parallel camera”. This produces an image with no perspective distortion. This creates a unique graphic look with straight edges, this is also helpful when laying out photography on packaging.

Brand Detail

Proactiv used a color based system previously, we refined those colors, making them richer and more vibrant to create a bold impression at shelf placement. In addition to their core line- Solution, MD, Plus, and Sun, we created new colors to accomodate iO and ancillary products embracing the idea of a spectrum.
The typeface GT Walsheim by Grilli Type was chosen as the primary font for its formal similarities to the old brand mark, allowing an elegant transition and formal connection to the new mark. It is also easily readable at quite small sizes for the advisory and medical copy on the packaging.

We drew custom numerals for the packaging, indicating steps of product usage. These characters were drawn to connect to GT Walsheim but with slight more art deco and structural detail, also drawn at a lighter weight to be used in large scale placement.
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