The space in which you work matters. It should inspire and elevate. And it should tell the story of the company, its jobs, and its people. We set out to do all of that with Rippling's new international headquarters in Bangalore, India.

When considering graphic applications we wanted tocreate a space that felt both uniquely Rippling and uniquely Bangalore. We found the only solution with the incredible artist Noopur Choksi. She created two murals, one for each side of the split office, representing the engineering team and the other representing the support and customer success teams.

Art Director, Visual Designer, Production
Art Director, Visual Designer, Production
Rippling Bangalore
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Rippling Sans


2 large murals were created for each of the two sides of the office, abstractly representing Rippling and the work that is done in each individual space.
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Noopur and her team hand painted both murals.


Textured felt acoustic wall panels were created and installed throughout the office.
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