These product interstitials were concepted
and devised to act as unique branded elements
that brought a moment of magic to
the in-product experience.

Through rigorous exploration of tone, texture,
style, and mood we settled on the idea of
a slight of hand trick. Each animation being
a small trick visualizing UI messaging.

Design Director
Design Director
Rippling Magic Moments
Nick Weisner Jane Nagle
Rippling Sans


In 2019, Rippling underwent a huge rebrand.  In the new assets, Plum—and its family of tints—would take center stage. Yellow could serve as a focal point, providing emphasis when necessary.

We decided to pivot away from the old illustration style. This was a matter of process as much as taste. Sure, we could make 15 assets in the old sketch style. But could we do 100? 200? Realism, as a system, just isn’t extensible. Plus, literal ideas become harder to concept as you use up the most obvious ones. That forces the quality to dip. And even if you can keep the quality high, realistic images ask to be interpreted, which can be frustrating if a user doesn’t “get” what they’re looking at.

Abstract ideas don’t share these constraints. Our experiments in abstraction led to a geometric style. We messed with flat graphics, dimensional graphics, and, finally, both. There was something unexpected and special about watching transitions that appeared 3D between flat shapes.

We call this “flat dimension.” It suggests the simplicity and power of Rippling’s products—without being snoozy.


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